Thursday, March 21, 2019

Lard & Lye Soap

Arrrr! This be made from the fat of animals and the stuff of drain cleaner! 
Be ye brave enough ye Scallywags!

Available in Lavender, Sandalwood and Unscented
Well actually, the soap our great-grandmothers made (and they were plenty brave), came by mixing tallow and a tea made from the ashes of their wood stove. It was magic back then, but a matter of simple chemistry today. Mix the right quantities of a fatty acid with a base, like sodium hydroxide, and tada; soap!

Somewhere, this simple craft became lost, and we’ve become used to our pressed and extruded concoctions of industry. While these products are consistent and reliable, it cannot compare to the luxurious feel of a good hand crafted soap.

I think you’ll enjoy my soap quite a bit. It won’t last as long as commercial soaps, because it’s not pressed, and it may be a little “rustic” looking, but it will provide you with a wonderfully smooth and silky lather that is good for both shower and shave, then rinse clean.

$5.00 / Bar