Thursday, March 21, 2019

Castile Soap

Avast ye matey! Those Spaniards make a fine soap, 
 if yer into that sort of thing!

Available in Sandalwood and Unscented

By the 16th or so century, seems the English had a little soap-envy. The soaps sailors brought from around the Mediterranean were made from plant oils, instead of tallows. These hard white bars were a hit compared with the local stuff that may have had stray bits of last months dinner mixed in.

While it is said that Castile soap originated from Spain, actually it was the English that first coined the name. Real Castilian soaps were a mix of olive and laurel oils. Laurel was hard to come by in England, so the English soap makers used just olive oil and named it after the Castile region in Spain (good marketing I suspect).

This Castile soap is made from 100% pure olive oil. You’ll find that it doesn’t lather or suds like other soaps, and produces more of a cream. It cleans well, and those with sensitive skin will appreciate how well it moisturizes.

$5.00 / Bar